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Weasel - the half-breed Oriental cats looking for a home.

Weasel - weightless petal with Eastern roots. She is like an exotic Orchid requires a special, reverent and caring relationship. Fragile, susceptible. With fine mental organization kitty. Appreciate the warmth and care about yourself like no other. Intelligent, grateful. Weasel anxious person,...
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Unique in color kitten NAMUR, Metis Bengal looking for a home.

Beautiful kitty-teen Bengali girl with white looking for a home. The boy is now 8 months. Kitty is very active, cheerful and funny, likes to play everything fall under the paw, feathers, candy wrappers. Maybe in the blink of an eye to create a mess and have fun. Accustomed to the tray, there ar...
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Wonderful teen maksik as a gift in caring hands.

Given the cute boy Sunny positive ginger maksik, age - 6 months. Kind, nice, funny and playful kitten. Found on the street, but have long forgotten about their wanderings. And knows now that life can be different. According to the character rather mamenkin son, very responsive, and sweet hand-pre...
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Looking for a house cat highland fold Chelsea

The girl a maximum of 8 months. She fold Scottish. Beautiful and knows it. Chelsea has a wonderful soft and kind disposition. Easy naughty creature that loves his people. Respectful and unobtrusive Chelsea will get along with everyone without exception. Clever, inquisitive and quick-witted, almo...
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Will give the kitten

Give kitten in good hands. Grey girl, a black boy. Age 2.5 months.
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Cat Murzilka Lyubava looking for a home.

- Hope the little orkestrik, Under the control of love. - Hope. All that there is until the cat, with a name like love - Lyubava. Look at these great sad eyes - she is difficult to live in a big company shelter cats. Smart, playful, affectionate, clean and lives not yet home! But so all is we...
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Kitten Murcia, Easter cat in a ebony coat.

Little budding Cougar. And she Easter cat, because it is found exactly at Easter. Surely it means something!! She is only 6 months. Want to the house to have a slice of the real jungle? Then Murcia - Your choice. It is full of unique grace and elegance. In this smart, perceptive kid. Easter kit...
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Kittens are the cure to depression and bad mood!

Kittens looking for a caring owner! Striped 2-Blackie!2 months. Accustomed to the tray. Clean and healthy.From vaccinated parents. . Fussy,very positive.To the tray trained, vaccinated(5валент.). With home delivery
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Soft kitty looking for family

Kitten named lost Your home because of absolutely banal: he was not allowed to live in rented accommodation - refused it. And even if you really want to say about it that she is so special, it is not so. It is the most common former bomber, like millions of other cats, unfortunately. But I really...
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Fluffy fiery redhead teen Bonn as a gift.

Fantastic, surreal, marble krasoten. He is 6 months. An intellectual to the bone. Contemplator. Calm, affectionate to measure, hand boy, he really likes attention. Friendly, intelligent. Bonn is at times serious and thoughtful, with interest exploring the world. Bonn is a quiet and very conside...
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Young nice cat named Mama a gift

Good Mommy for her children, who went home. Steadfastly, courageously and tenderly guarded, was holil and cherished them. Even talked to the kids. Mommy is so nice, so smart, too, as she and her children deserve happiness. Little go cat, plush and soft, with smart almond eyes. Age is not more t...
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Give a beautiful and ocharovatelnoy kitty Sonia

Moscow-Podolsk Really wants to go home Sonia-chubby belly with polka dots. Sonia plump, tender and very affectionate,gentle and very educated, accustomed to the tray and kittens, spayed and healthy. Sonia loves to eat, you can tell by her nice figure, friendly with other cats and loves to run...
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Amazing polosaty kitten Madlenka as a gift.

Babe in striped sailor, a miracle as well! Children, as we know, things are changing much faster than we adults... That Madeleine is this: it plays, without getting tired running for the ball, and a minute later snuffle peacefully, curled up in a warm corner in a ball. The girl a little more than...
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Cat good - good hands :)

Cute, affectionate, house cat looking for a home. Vaccinated , potty trained, loves children. Color tortoise. Now huddled on m Voykovskaya, but transport to another point of Moscow is not a problem, mobile) Thank you for the response!
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Bellochka in finding a home

Podolsk, Moscow. Snow-white miracle honey eyes to search for the home! Beautiful Belocca 1.5 years, she is very calm and friendly lady. Accustomed to the tray, kittens spayed. The girl is very unobtrusive, quietly chasing his toys, if You have no time.Liked the little call and come meet us. 8...
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black kittens

Give in good hands two lovely cats, traps, black in color. Age 2 months, toilet trained, eat everything. It is possible to arrange delivery.
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Artless furry kitty Sir a gift

Given in the good hands of furry cute, naive and good boy Sir. His age is now 4 months. Infinitely gentle, affectionate, educated, really wants be needed and loved. Good returns and the fun is guaranteed. Sir kitten playful and sociable. Will grow into a gorgeous cat as it is already promising ...
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Cat Maine Coon Nessie 2 years in caring hands

Looking for good homes for cats Maine Coon Nessie red marble color. Nessie two years. Give in good hands for a symbolic price. Playful, gentle girl.
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Kitty Schubert in a fluffy fur coat wants to find the comfort of home.

King of the sofa and himself as a pillow. Soft, cozy, magical, Metis British! Schubert — the perfect cat companion for those who value their Pets nonchalance, playfulness and lightness of character. Schubert is big and heavy guy, but he seems not aware of it. Any surely will attract his attent...
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Kittens from the shelter of all kinds. All the hairy-tailed in need of a home

Kittens and feline adolescents from a small suburban shelter waiting for their kind hosts. Dear tails looking for You! To take this little one - act honorable, but very responsible. But do not be afraid of difficulties, you will be rewarded with warmth, love and devotion to four-legged friend....
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Luxurious Moorish beauty Carmen looking for a home.

Luxury bright appearance, a shy humble character! Carmen cat looking for a home where she will understand. Gentle and timid as a flower, a flower of rare and exotic! Carmen the cat is amazingly beautiful – a large, fluffy, big-eyed. Carmen is looking for a family and wants to meet people with...
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Thai kitten is a teenager Vitas is looking for a home.

Pale caramel-redhead beauty with blue eyes wants to find a good home and a decent house. His name is Vitas, he Thai teen kitty color red point. Vitas the friendly and open creature in the world. It is a cosy, domestic and commercial, with fine mental organization. It is very loves to jump and ru...
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Kittens-fuzzes the party and Tag is looking for a house

Wonderful give away kittens in good hands. The party and Fifteen, girls at 3.5 months. Cheerful, affectionate, accustomed to the trays, not unruly, very positive. Wonderful color high and fluffy. Beauty as a gift!
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Nice charming Cutie kitty as a gift.

Cutie. However the name point? Charming kitten. The girl is about 6 months old, she has a gorgeous radiant Golden color. Very touching and charming baby. She is attentive and responsive. A little anxious-shy. Maybe five seconds to get the nose in the corner hiding! Cute, cat, unable to release...
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Cat-Boyaca from a shelter. Chance to find the house

Nobody needs cats with a complex character. Chance to find the house. Perhaps these outsiders will never find a home. Cats who are afraid of touch, afraid of the person. These cats are a real challenge for infinitely good people who love puzzles more difficult! Need a host and an individual app...
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Mystical and charming cat Tootsie looking for a home

Beautiful Tootsie, a cat that is very sensitive to people, their emotions and mood. Therapeutic and energetic cat. It is like a barometer, if you feel bad it is be sure to sit and comfort. Relieves nervous stress, even just her presence, her cozy and warm. Tutsi sociable, independent girl. Some...
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Two kittens boy color black smoke looking.

Brownie and Francis wonderful kids, beautiful rare color looking for mom-dad. These guys are the real Mowgli! Cheerful, carefree, playful. Hard at mastering the surrounding the world, trying every day to discover something new. They need attention, care and affection, really need care and human w...
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Noble beauty misty in good hands

&10022 Today you drank another Cup of coffee, checked social.network, went to work,then to the store and returned home.You look at the bottom of the mug before was coffee,not brought satisfaction, I see no messages on my phone and realise something important during the day and did not. And ne...
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Noble beauty misty in good hands

&10022 Today you drank another Cup of coffee, checked social.network, went to work,then to the store and returned home.You look at the bottom of the mug before was coffee,not brought satisfaction, I see no messages on my phone and realise something important during the day and did not. And ne...
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Cat Ember was crying from loneliness. Really looking for a home.

Yes, they are abandoned now so many, and the chances of them so little. But Ember is just so unusual and bright! He should have a chance! The cat lives in an orphanage and he was there desperately bad. Ember in a cage literally wasting away from boredom, from loneliness, from lack of heat. Cries...
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Richard of peachy chubby happiness. For A Gift

Wonderful "coffee with milk" peach ginger Richard, a fat cat in the Prime of life, large chubby. Naive, unsophisticated and absolutely plush with those who trusts and loves. Gentle as a baby with your loved ones. Substitutes the head, legs, belly, rolls on the back, "butt", tail walks! But in th...
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Redhead affectionate kitty Lisa is looking for a caring family

Will give in good hands ginger kitten (girl 3 months). Accustomed to a toilet tray. Sweet, touching
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Adorable kitten jellybean in good hands.

Marvel is jellybean. Insanely sweet girl. All round, tightly Smetanka, playful. She is 4,5 months. That is a fire trehtsvetie. She is beautiful, and it is an indisputable fact. Funny girl, without a smile on her impossible to watch. Always, when not sleeping - having fun playing. Kind and open....
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Bright sun kitten Boston as a gift.

Kitten with a memorable appearance and his zest. Bright red, white bib, socks on the paws, ears locators, wonderful berry nose. Boston is a great cat a philosophical mindset! Baby is only 4.5 months. As every teenager now is disproportionate and thin. The legs will grow, and your head will be...
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Young curious kotofey Xavier looking for a home.

Kitty young optimist and gambler! Charming silver grey boy about 11 months old. It is, of course, a real Brit, noble, delicate, friendly and with a keen sense of humor, Xavier immediately likable. Its main trait is curiosity. All he is interested in life, from the usual ball to the secrets of t...
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Quiet Rysik looking for a home

Pay attention to the cat. The most calm and affectionate cat in the world - RISIK! He lost his master, it is very difficult in a shelter. Fluffy Marquis. (8 years), but is it the age of the cat... Cozy up in the family without children and dogs. The boy lived in an older person, so young famili...
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Spitz Pomeranian miniature

Sold Pomeranians miniature Spitz. The boys were born 01.03.2017 g. Affectionate, playful, furry balls
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Kittens in good hands

Give in good hands kitten. Different colors,there is a tricolor cat,striped classic (3 girls),little white boy
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Kitty Photinia Thai miracle as a gift!

Photinia is a positive being. With her will always have a Sunny mood in the house every day regardless of season and time of day. Girl – pretty cozy beauty, in it is impossible not to fall in love. She is sociable, sensitive, gentle and unobtrusive. Charming Photinia has a special charm of grac...
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Awesome smiley kitten Caesar as a gift.

Soul plane-flying kitty looks forward to his beloved family! Caesar 4 months old. the boy is incredibly cute, sociable and playful, energetic and agile, which know how is in all places at the same time and never late! He loves movement, sport and ball games, it everything interested. Besides Cae...
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The tiny kittens are looking for a host!

2 little kittens looking for their owners! Shalunishki born on 5 may. Accustomed to the tray. Surrender to caring hands. Delivery help!
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Redhead kitty citron - solid charm.

Citron looks forward to the owners and promises to be a family pet and a constant source of joy. Meowing affectionate cat, enjoy communicating with others. He is a very positive person, ready to play and ride all day, not timid, instantly adapts to a new home and new environment. Loves space, be...
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little kittens looking for home

cute little kittens, black and white, age 2 months, 4 girls and 1 boy, vaccinated, accustomed to the tray, while at a foster home, looking for a new home, save kids and they will bring you good luck and give your love!
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The tiny kittens are looking for a host!

2 little kittens looking for their owners! Shalunishki born on 5 may. Accustomed to the tray. Surrender to caring hands. Delivery help!
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Give kitten in good hands

I will give the kittens in good hands, 3 white, blue-eyed, 2 black cats, all in 1.5 months, accustomed to the tray, eat on their own.
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Luxurious fluffy handsome silver looking for a home

Big, strong and good looking man with the noble name of Sylvester needs the gentle hands of reliable owners. Kitty - the owner of a large ingenuity ingenuity and intelligence. Sylvester loves to be the center of attention and admiration, he likes to be aware of all cases occurring in the house....
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Cute plush things

Kittens born to 10.04 a girl and a boy fold and girl with a straight boy waiting for their hostess or host. All kittens are independent,eating dry food(dry wet,chicken etc) accustomed to the tray and scratching posts.
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Miss charm and charisma, Jan cat looking for a home

Sociability, enthusiasm, and charm – that features bright personality, silvery beauty of Yana. Of course, looking for a home where she will be a full member of the family, to love and spoil. Yana is a wonderful cat, extremely affectionate, talkative, always trying to be near people. Yana is a...
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The Princess is a young cat with one eye in search of happiness

Look, what a miracle!!! Charming, artistic, graceful, plastic. And even then, she had only one eye, the Princess absolutely do not spoil. Her only 11 months. A very happy and positive cat. Affectionate when trust a person, will come to you itself and you are bombarded by all her feline affection...
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