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Treatment for exhaustion and dehydration in birds

How to raise tadpoles in an aquarium

How to treat obesity in cats

Obesity in birds

Post-traumatic obesity in dogs

Causes and effects of obesity in dogs

What are the risks of obesity in cats

Treatment of obesity in dogs

Post-traumatic obesity in rats

Anemia in cats

Anemia in birds

Gas embolism in fish and frogs in aquarium

Anemia in fish

Animals and what leads them to obesity?

Ancient Australians were the destroyers of birds ' nests

When owl vomits

Gastrointestinal disorders, enteritis in birds

Kidney disease and urinary tract infections in cats

Gastrointestinal disorders, gastroenteritis in reptiles

Bloating in chinchillas

Gastrointestinal disorders, gastroenteritis in fish

Constipation in turtles

Gastrointestinal diseases, gastroenteritis in hedgehogs

How to feed a raccoon

Gastritis in cats and dogs

Inflammation of the cloaca in birds

Is a catnip a real drug for cats?

When the cat is sick with bronchitis

Rhinitis - runny nose in dogs: symptoms and treatment

Bronchopneumonia in hedgehogs

Gastrointestinal disorders, gastroenteritis, hares and rabbits

Stomatitis in dogs

The cat was domesticated twice

Stomatitis in cats: symptoms, causes, treatment

Acute bronchitis in mice

South American lizard is becoming warm-blooded in the mating season

Diseases of the digestive system, gastroenteritis in chinchillas

Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in Guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice

Pneumonia in Guinea pigs

Treat bronchitis and bronchopneumonia in dogs

What causes lack of oxygen in the aquarium

Treatment of runny nose or rhinitis in cats

Cold and flu in turtles

How to treat rhinitis or runny nose in birds

Treat bronchitis in parrot

Treating of pneumonia in dogs

How to treat a fish caught a cold

How to treat a cold from the chick

Stomatitis in reptiles and how to treat it

Pat the cat - will be healthier!

Protect your Pets from rabies!

Treatment of rats from ectoparasites

Exotic Pets: domesticated Fox

Cats against insects

How many teeth does pangolin have?

Dignified old age pet cat

Woolen happiness, or 5 reasons to love cats

Prevention of viral respiratory infections in dogs

Caring for a dog in the fall

In Kaliningrad visitors brought the shark to a heart attack

Hairdressing equipment to care for the dog

Carrying bags for dogs

Blue bird under the moon - hyacinth parrot

How to raise a puppy from birth to three weeks

Scientists believe dogs could be replaced by crocodiles

The first cafe with cats opened in Moscow

How to find good owners for the puppies?

How to choose a puppy Pomeranian?

How much should a puppy cost?

Residents of Tokyo can take the dog for walking rentals

How is it that the domesticated dog was the closest friend of homo sapiens

Zoologists are confident that human help to animals often leads to problems

About 97% of Arctic animals will suffer from climate change

Residents of the capital will get to know as the Moscow zoo survived the WW2

Scientists train dogs to diagnose the malignant tumors by smell

Animals have won a Britain survey on family priorities

The Ministry of environment has proposed to introduce criminal punishment for selling rare animals

"Rules of rendering of paid veterinary services" from 6.08.1998 G. N 898

The law Russian Federation "On veterinary medicine" dated 14.05.1993, No. 4979-1

Are Dogs jealous?

Are Dogs physiognomists?

Favorite breed of H.M.The Queen Elizabeth II facing extinction

Ustin the tiger preys on Chinese goats

Bailiffs will not be allowed to confiscate animals from debtors

In Mexico finally banned animals in the circus

In France going to build a retirement home for elephants

The tallest dog in the world lives in USA

About the EU rules on pet carriage

The Westminster Parliament has refused a foster cat from fear to overfeed him

A resident of the UK married with two cats

Ulyanovsk scammers tricked the Kamchatka man, promising him the dog

Pet food under the sanctions have not yet got

The Pope promises that all animals will go to Heaven

Pets is an invaluable assistant in the upbringing of children

The reasons why you need to ban tattoos on animal bodies

Hamsters. Care and maintenance

Fighting hamsters

Transfers of dogs and entry to the exhibition


Cane Corso

The Chinese crested dog

European cats

Volvulus of the stomach in dogs

Meowlingual, "the interpreter" with cat