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British silver shaded, point and tabby with emerald and violet eyes!

Timosha - he came out of the terrible woes

ABSOLUTELY tame parrot chicks from nurseries

Toddlers Brussels Griffon

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Kotyara a gift!

Chihuahua puppy for sale

Scottish puppet sold kittens

Scottish seal invite your kitties for mating

Labrador puppies from Champions

Pit bull for nothing!

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Puppies West Highland White Terrier

Puppies, girls and boys

Exclusive British silver kittens show class with emerald and violet eyes!

Rabbit dachshund longhair

Exotic pedigree kittens

Give your puppy Lizonku

Give your puppy Lizonku

Neva Masquerade blue-eyed kittens

Elegant Beauty Silva, puppy 5 months in good hands

Labrador Retriever puppies for sale!

New litters yorchikov

New litters shpitsat

Maltese puppies

Chihuahua Puppies

Puppies, girls and boys

Podroschennye (6 months) CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES

Long-haired toy terrier

Young staffopit MAX as a gift

It is waiting for the host

Charming metisochka Shandy in DAR

Chihuahua puppies

Belle Margot looking for a family

Labrador Retriever - Puppies of all colors


Yorkshire Terrier puppies. Spb

Maine Coon from the German manufacturer!

The gift of charming fluffy cat!

Green-eyed beauty Dusenka awaits Man

York Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Yorick

Persian blue cat

British and Scottish Fold kittens

Charming pipsqueak in good hands

Charming pipsqueak in good hands

Selling adult cat Devon Rex

Scottish Fold kittens and straights

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies 4 months

Puppies York

Beautiful Dwarf Rabbits

Schatse and bring warmth into your home

Bagheera - beautiful as a gift

In good hands Labrador Metis Lego

Young staffopit MAX as a gift

Pitbulechka Faith in DAR

Amstaff Shea as a gift

In good hands amstaff BORIS

Labrador puppies all colors of the club

British, Scottish Fold kittens

Russian Borzoi

Umnichka Curry, puppy 6 months in good hands

Yorkshire Terrier Mini Girl

Rabbit dachshund longhair

Fabulously beautiful and very touching baby looking parents

Yorkshire terrier puppy

Chihuahua puppies for sale from the nursery of elite pride Emily

British and visloushki

The little pipsqueak is waiting the most loving parents

Puppy Parson Russell Terrier (female)

Puppy Jack Russell Terrier (female)

British chocolate kittens from cattery VIVIAN

Looking for cat owners Suri

Newfoundland puppies

Looking for cat owners ALISHER

Podroschennye Labrador puppies

Labrador - Chocolate and black puppies

Puppies York

Puppies West Siberian Laika

Amazing Yorkies for You

Schnauzer puppies

Kittens silver marble

Looking for the parents to a fabulously beautiful and quivering crumbs


Maine Coon kittens


Pit bull for nothing!

Chocolate Puppy sized Caucasian!

Buy a kitten Ural Rex

Puppies Siberian Husky breed. Puppies were born May 10, 2011. Documents, a stamp, vaccinations

Chihuahua - Luxury Kids!

Chihuahua - Miracle!

Yorkshire Terrier - Mini Super Affordable!

Yorkshire Terrier - Mini Boy - Super!!

Tim brown-eyed boy with the ears house

Metis-pointer in good hands!

Funny Nigella Michelle as a gift!

The gift of a handsome peach-colored fluff - Becker!

Labrador Retriever Puppies Chocolate and Black color


Puppies Jack Russell Terrier - white-red, tricolor

Moscow. Handsome Joey is looking for a family

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Kitty Musya a gift

Charming puppies york

long-haired toy terrier

Puppies Pomeranian

British cat blue color

British and visloushki different colors

Persian blue cat


British marble kittens from cattery VIVIAN

Kittens black dog from the kennel VIVIAN

British club kittens from cattery VIVIAN

Puppies Petit-Brabant

Tibetan Mastiff puppies

3rd International Cat Show 28-29 May 2011 BOMOND CAT-2011

Cornish Rex - curly kittens

Half-breed terrier as a gift

handsome young as a gift!

Ginger miracle gift!

dog with very sad eyes looking for the owner

Bengal cat - the home of mini-leopard

Ginger kitten looking for a host

Kotyara a gift!

Pit bull for nothing!

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Dachshund rabbit pups

German Shepherd Puppies

Fold kitten is not expensive

Puppy Jack Russell Terrier

Abyssinian kittens "Bluecourage"

Cornish Rex - curly kittens

Puppy Jack Russell Terrier

English Bulldog Puppies

Scottish kittens

English Bulldog girls

Naked kittens

Chihuahua Puppies

Russian toy terrier puppies

Lovely, affectionate Abyssinian cat and kitten ruddy

Dachshund puppies standard long-haired

Four boys Chinese Crested Dog

10000r. Silver Chinchilla kittens show class with emerald and violet eyes

American Cocker Spaniel Puppies

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Redhead hog as a gift! Cute and simpatiShny!

Shar-elite dogs from Champions

Apartment Hotel for Dogs!

British plush beauties

Moscow. Handsome Joey is looking for a family